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Sushi Menu

SUSHI/ SASHIMI      Nigiri (2pc)    Sashimi (4pc)

Albacore Shiro                       4.50                       9.00

Crab Stick                                3.95                       7.90

Fresh Water Eel                      4.95                       9.90

Garlic Tuna                              4.75                       9.50

Octopus                                  3.95                        7.90

Red Snapper                          4.50                       9.00

Salmon                                    4.50                       9.00

Shrimp                                     4.25                       8.50

Smelt Roe                                3.95                       -----

Tuna                                         4.50                        9.00

Yellowtail                                 4.50                        9.00




Choose Cut Roll or Hand Roll





Avocado                    4.50

California                  6.00

Cucumber                 4.00

Negi Hama                7.95

Salmon Skin             6.95

Shrimp Tempura      6.95

Spicy Crab                6.95

Spicy Salmon           6.95

Spicy Shrimp            6.95

Spicy Tuna                6.95

Spicy Yellowtail        7.95

Tuna                            5.50

Eel                                7.95

Veggie Roll                6.00

        Sashimi Specialty Plate (10pc.)

(Spicy or No Spicy)

Thin cut sashimi w/ a ponzu sauce on top and if you want it spicy a thin slice of jalapeno on each slice of sashimi.


Tuna Usuzukur              12.95             Salmon Usuzukur     12.95

Albacore Usuzukur       12.95            Hamachi Usuzukur   12.95

White Tuna Usuzukur   12.95            Snapper Usuzukur    12.95


What is Inside the roll / What is outside of the roll.

Avo= Avocado, Cu= Cucumber


Alarm Fire

Shrimp tempura, spicy crab / Spicy tuna, soy paper 12.95



California roll/Salmon 11.95



Rainbow Roll Wrapped with Cucumber (No Rice or Seaweed) 15.00


California Crunch

California roll Deep Fried 9.00



Eel,cu/Wrapped with avocado 12.95



California Roll/Eel 12.95



Eel, cream cheese, smelt egg, avo, cu Deep Fried 12.50


Guchi Guchi

Cooked Salmon, cu, avo, yum yum scallops/Soy paper 12.95


Hokkaido Crunch 1

Spicy softshell crab, cu/White Fish, Garlic Sauce 12.95


Hokkaido Crunch 2

Spicy softshell crab, shrimp tempura/spicy softshell 12.50


Japanese Lasagna

California roll/Cream cheese, scallops (Baked) 9.95



Spicy tuna, cucumber/ Eel and Avocados 12.95


Lisa Lisa

Shrimp tempura, avo, cu, cream cheese 9.50



Spicy crab, shrimp/avo, jalapeno 12.00



Salmon, cream cheese, avo, green onion 7.50

Philadelphia Crunch

Philadelphia Roll Deep Fried 9.50



California Roll/ Seven kinds of fresh fish 12.95


Rattle Snake

Shrimp Tempura/ Eel and avocados 12.95


Red Rock

Spicy Crab, Salmon Roll, Deep Fried/Avocados 12.50


Salmon Lemon

Spicy Salmon/Salmon with lemons. 12.95


Screaming "O"

12pc thin sashimi with special sauce 13.00


Shrimp Lover

Shrimp tempura/Shrimp, avocados, eel sauce 11.00



Softshell crab, avo, cu/Smelt eggs 12.95


Sweet Heart

Shrimp Tempura, eel, cu/Spicy Crab and Avocados 12.95


Tiger Roll

Shrimp tempura, crab, cu/Spicy tuna, avocados, eel sauce 12.95


Ultimate Tuna

Spicy Tuna, cu/Fresh tuna, spicy garlic sauce 12.95


Very Cali Roll

California Roll/Masago, wrapped with avocados 9.95



Crab, cu/Shrimp, avocados 9.95


Tuna Poki

Diced Tuna w/ Mixed green, ponzu, marinated seaweed  (Spicy or No Spicy) 12.95


Hamachi Kama

Broiled yellowtail collar w/ a side of ponzu sauce 12.95

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